Singer, Songwriter, and Spoken word artist Imani Andrea Horton was born in Raleigh, NC of 1995. She grew up in the community of Worthdale where there was never an empty street. Her parents, Andre and Allandria Sorrell, always made sure that her and her siblings experienced a fun, proactive, and God-centered life. Imani has two siblings, a sister named Nadia who is 16 years old, and a brother named Karon who is 26. Her mother is a Registered Nurse at Duke University, and her father currently owns a carpet cleaning business. Her brother is currently an active member of the United States Air Force. She states that “Although all of our careers are spread out we all work unto the same God”. As she gets older she appreciates her family more and more each day.
Imani was always a wild, energetic, and lively person who always wanted to be involved in the mix of people. At a young age she became active in the youth ministry at her home church True Destiny where she participated in step, dance, and singing. She was a part of creative arts from age 8 to 17 years old and was always passionate and committed to using her gifts for the Glory of God. In between the years of 8 and 17 she also was a part of acting, mime, and the C4 leadership team at her home church where she learned the process of planning events, creating events, being a part of the fundraising team, and ministering at all of the events planned. Imani thoroughly enjoyed this process because it allowed her to prepare for what she was about to experience after high school.
At age 17, Imani went off to college and attended Liberty University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Youth Ministries. She’s always been passionate about youth and helping them push forward towards the purpose that God has set in place for them. Although Imani got a lot of negative feedback about choosing to go through with her degree in youth ministries, she didn’t allow that to stop her from fulfilling the vision that God gave her. While attending Liberty Imani joined a ministry team called Bridging the Gap Urban Ministries where she stepped and ministered to inner city urban youth who didn’t already have positive role models in their life. She was a part of the ministry for 2 years, and enjoyed every moment! In the spring of 2016 Imani sung at an open mic night for student activities which sparked her love for music all over again. From that night and on she continued writing and working on the music that God had laid upon her heart.
In December of 2016 she graduated from Liberty and moved to Austin, Texas. She lived there for 6 months as a substitute teacher, and now she is currently back home in Raleigh. She plans to get her music career off the ground by putting her music out for the world to see, and touch lost souls through creative arts ministry. She believes that God has chosen her for such a time as this and given her all the tools that she needs to change the world. In her future she plans to travel and speak at different schools, conferences, workshops, and churches around the world. Imani always carries the mindset of God calling her for the world and not just the walls because there are so many people in this world struggling to make it day by day. We are all created for World Purpose!